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X Marks The Spot


X Marks The Spot - Click To Enlarge This machine quite regularly has holds where there are two adjacent sevens of the same colour. Hold the sevens, then hold a second time, it will often then tell you to hold them again to give a sevens win. On my local x marks the spot machine the jackpot is only 5 so information may need adjusting. Coconut Shy is easy to play with the cancel button, stop the coconut on the winline to go up two places on the money ladder, either side of the winline will ghet one place this is good for 3 usually. Collect small on the feature because it can take you through sandstorms and parrots etc and not give a chance to collect. If the super feature comes up then go for a fiver or win series, the rest is a waste of time.


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Getting 3 of the same coloured symbols on the payline starts the "Invincible Feature". Using the Cancel button to slow down the dice you can go wherevevr you desire on the board!

A word of warning: - The end feature on this machine quite often gives only 4!, although when in a good mood it will pay big...

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