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Viva Rock Vegas Machine This is quite a good game from JPM. You have the standard trail to climb to get on the feature. Quite often gives "Okey Dokey" from mixed bars, but not cherrys.

When on the feature board, you go around collecting cash, features and nudges. If you collect 3 gold coins you are awarded super knockouts - you can gamble for more on the Hi/Lo reel. Good Sign.

When this first came out a few months ago, the machines near me were excellent! They all had "dodgy" percentage chips and could more or less be emptied. I am not sure if the machines near me were just from a bad batch - or if indeed this machine had a real emptier.


The machine is very very forceable. I play to only get j/p or red streak. If the machine is offering you 5 pound wins on the feature, then it will be ready to pay out. Don't collect anything other than the red streak and JP. Leave even the blue streak, you will find when you leave the blue and u lose, then next time you will instantly get the streak again, keep leaving it. It will give red, usually within 3 features.

I have found also that if the first j/p repeats, teh next repeat chance is a slow true skill stop, thereofere a 45 win and I've had 60. Most Ive won from this machine is 95 pounds from 60 j/p repeat and a red streak and then more smaller wins.

very good machine, can kill you eaily on teh feature which is a sign its not ready to pay out.


Reaching number four on the trail activates a bonus, look out for the cancel button flashing - you will get true skill!

Choose a Trail - Uaually goes to "Multi Bonus", and starts the feature every time.

Double Trail - Starts the feature game.

Random Stop - About the best bonus. Press cancel to slow it down and usually it will go right up to "extra life", or even "Super Knockouts" if you lucky.

Boost - Usually very poor, boost's you a few positions up the trail.

Add Again - Adds the numbers showing on the winline to your trail.


Fruit Bash - This is the first feature and basically is 1 reel blast. You can hold two of the reels to cancel them out, which makes it quite a good feature sometimes.

Freds Payrise - Starts at 1, hit "RISE" on the display and you will get 2. Keep doing this untill you hit "PAY" and you are awarded the win. Usually only 3 when I take it!

Take your Pick - Pick a win, can also give the Hidden Features (3 red lines).

Boulder Dash - This is just fast cash, which is actually quite slow and you should be able to get at least 5 every time with practice!

Freddy Steady Nudge - The reels spin and you are awarded a random amount of nudges. If nothing takes your fancy the reels spin again and you have another pick. You have about seven chances before the machine automatically collects for you. Tip: You can hold the reels in order to get a better win!

Round The Twist - Rotates around the outer reels. This usually is a useless feature"

Mix n Match - First reel spins, you can "Match" it or "Mix" it which will spin reel 2 etc..

Cash Vegas Strip - is a hi-lo wins feature on the vegas board it will be red or blue blue is usually 8 quid red is 15 minimum .

Bedrock Roll - All the reels line up and begin to spin quite fast. You must stop the reels and are awarded a win. A repeat chance is offered which will step the reels down and give another win etc.. Usually 15, unless you already have 5 and the next step is Jackpot - it wont give you it!

Viva Rock Vegas - This basically gives you the RED streak. Guarenteed 15, but usually more.


The invincible mode is activates when the notes at the top are Red as soon as you enter the feature, and the logo flashes, the LCD display will also say "Super Feature" instead of "Viva Rock Vegas". When this happens just keep going around the board, untill you either get a Jackpot or activate the RED Streak. I usually go for the RED Streak.

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