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Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

The feayre game is started by getting 3 "Smiley Suns" on the winline. Once on the feature you roll a dice to move around the board collecting nudges, shots and features etc.

When you land on the Extra Bonus squares you could boost yourself around the board, get an extra life, eliminate some lower cash values, get a skill stop around the board or take 5 free shots!

Every time you land on a "Shots" square you can take a shot at the cash then and there, and if te selection is no good you can continue around the board!

The "Bellman" button on the bottom alf of the board is there to slow features down giving True Skill! Just watch out for te button lighting up.


Boost -

Eliminator -

Extra LIfe -

5 Shots -

Skill Shot -


Double Or Nothing -

Magnificent Sevens -

Triple Shot -

Money Belt -

Up-Down Mexico Way -

Mexican Wave -

Tequila Sunrise -

Mexican Hat Dance -

Happy Hour -

Viva Mexico -

Jackpot Repeater -


1,2,3 ---> 3 Turbo Gamble

1,3,2 ---> 3 hilo win

2,1,3 ---> 5 hilo win

3,1,2 ---> 4 hilo win

2,3,1 ---> 6 Turbo Gamble

If you hold down the cancel button while selecting a barcode (dosent matter which one) you are awarded "Viva Mexico" (Winning Streak).


The Invincible mode is shown by the "Viva Mexico" logo flashing. The Bell Man can be used to enhance/slow down many features.

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