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ThunderBird THE GAME

To start the game you need to climb the entry trail. There is the ussual bonus position at number 4, and the nudges start at number 8 and carry onto number 17, which gives you the jackpot repeater.

When you are awarded nudges you can either take a win, Hi/Lo gamble for more nudges, or if you want you can shuffle the reels at a cost of losing 1 nudge - this could reward you with a better win.

When you have a win you can move onto different features by shuffling, at the cost of moving a step down on the cash.

Boxed wins award you with the next win up, example, if you have 3 boxed red bars you are given 4 instead of 3.

If you get any 3 boxed fruits on the winline you get the mystery win, wich could be anyting from 1 to 15 with a repeat chance. The higher the mystery win value the better a mood the machine is in.

The usual cancel cheats work, as does the holds after nudges trick. When gambling igher or lower you are sometimes given the opportunity to cange your number.


The features on the lower "YELLOW" board are listed below:

Hi/Lo Notes

Win Spin - Spins in a win, usually not very good.

Cash Flash - Flashes cash amounts, stop on the highest one.

Reel Roulette - Flashes around the outer fruits, press stop and it will eventually stop on a win - usually the lowest possible.

Pick a Win - Spins in a win either collect it or wait for another win. Spins around 4-5 times..

The features on the top "RED" board are listed below:

Mega Cash

Money Belt - Scrolls cash amounts 3 at a time along the display. Add 'em up and collect wen its worth taking...

Cash Skill

Note Shoot

Jackpot + Repeat Chance

These board also contain the following mixed features such as Cash Repeaters, Knockouts,and Reel Blasts


I do not yet know if this machine has an invincible mode.........

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