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Temple of Treasure

Temple of Treasure THE GAME

I have decided to do a full guide for TOT as it can be a good machine, it requires skill sometimes & good strategy. Basics

No trails here, just a matrix (straight out of the Place Your Bets era), however fortunately this almost where any similarity ends. The machine also has the 3 horseshoes for the bonus on the winline, but thankfully that is it. The bonus can only be obtained by getting 3 symbols on the winline & you have a lot of options when you get it. Also note that if you complete any line you are awarded one nudge per line. If you have obtained your nudges via the bonus you might see one button flashing faster than the others, or even sometimes two! if this happens it means that you can nudge another bonus symbol in (this only happens when you don't have a win). Oh & before I get started this gives hold all when line above the winline is a win (sometimes) & even E.G. hold 3rd reel for a win (even the jackpot)

Mike When you get Cash Quest red (Super) Feature on this machine you get to choose whether the win is X2, X3 or even Times 4.

Extra tips emailed from a player.

First off you need to play and win nudges or have a feature of the machine offered as an exchange for money won so far. Sorry I've forgotten this feature name.

Either way you get the chance to enter the bar-code enter it this way.....

reel 1 reel 2 reel 3 reel1 reel 2 reel 3 On the bar-code sequence BAR BAR BAR or BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR

You have to entered the code either 123, 231, 321, 231 etc.....

press 321 - FOLLOW ME

This is a memory feature where the hold buttons do a random sequence (i.e 3,2,3,2,1,1) Then you'd be expected to press the buttons in the same sequence to win.

Here's the cheat as soon you've selected 'Follow Me' (321) - Press and hold all the hold buttons. The machine will continue to do it's sequence. Once finished, It will repeat this as if you were copying the sequence. The machine will then do a sound effect and say 'Aright' or 'okay.'

It will then offer you the chance to collect the amount you've won or gamble on. CAREFUL AS IF YOUR NOT CONCENTRATING YOUR PRESS THE COLLECT BUTTON BY ACCIDENT AS THIS FLASH'S BY ITSELF FIRST.

Press the Gample/Start button the hold down all hold buttons again. Repeat this procedure till you win the jackpot. The machine then says 'This sounds like a jackpot' and flash's and spins the reels playing some stupid music. It will then offer you a repeat chance. I've only ever been given a repeat once in any way i've won the jackpot, so don't expect to get one.


Selector - don't get too exited when you get it, as this machine loves giving it & I mean loves, but who is complaining
Fruit Steppa - same as fruit run on (older machines) steps the reels about 3 times adding all the fruits that passes the line to the matrix.
Fruits In View - adds all the fruits in view
Respin - respins the reel & adds any fruit that it spins in, however it is usually crap
Super Hold - excellent, steps the reels up once & down once. look for what you have lit on the matrix & see if you can complete a line or two whilst getting a big win very near, this is often possible with double bars & more likely blue sevens.
Skill Add - choose strategically where you want to add a symbol, maybe more
Stoppa - hope it makes a line, often doesn't
Shuffle - shuffles the lit symbols in the grid

The Nudge Trail

The nudge trail will start on the number of nudges that you have earned by completing lines in the matrix. However the machine might say bonus nudge(s), this adds one or more nudges to the trial. It also might go into true skill mode. This means that you have true skill gambles for a few nudges, this might improve your win. Once you get nudges be aware that you can use the shuffle button at the cost of one nudge, this respins the reels & might help you but often doesn't. Nudge Code The nudge code is random, the machine will just award it. You press a code into the hold reels & then the machine awards you a number of nudges. The best option is 2-3-1 for 12 nudges, gamble to the jackpot, should let you!

Cash Trial

If you manage to get a win the you go onto the cash trail, you climb this one by gambling Hi/Lo on a 1-12 reel with bonuses on some numbers.


Extra Crystal - if you obtain 3 then you get the Temple of Treasure feature (it is very hard to get this way)
Extra Life - an extra life!!!!
No Lose - you can't lose your next gamble
Boost - boosts you up the cash trail often only once sometimes twice
Change Number - swaps the number to a better one
Lucky 7 - guaranteed win if you gamble on a 7

There are also some little exchange points on the machine usually 3 or 4 very rarely more. These are exchange for feature. There are 12 features on the grid & the machine will offer you one every time you reach an exchange point, however it can offer the same one again, but it might offer you a red feature ((super)) so watch out for it.


Temple Of Treasure - this is the best feature, as a normal it is worth 15 minimum, sometimes far more. Again as a red it is worth 15 but it is true skill so you can choose whatever you want 7 if it repeats it guarantees you another jackpot.
Demons Delight - reel roulette, the usual rubbish here I'm afraid, but as with many of the newer Barcrest machines the red feature might be a jackpot as it is true skill
Secret Passage - basically superhold, steps the reels up & down twice. You can even get the jackpot off the normal feature. However more commonly you get the barcode (see later) or a win of 5ish
Money Mountain - a cash amount climbs & falls on the L.C.D you have to stop it when high, a win of about 4 is possible, if it is red you get a second shot from where the first one ended (this should be good for 10
Reels of Fortune - lines the reel up & spins round fast, bit like waltzers on Roller Coaster, however if you get it as a red feature it is an easy jackpot as it is very slow
Mystery Match - a stop n step feature that bumps you when you are going for the jackpot & you end up with a quid (usually) if it is red it is slow & again an easy jackpot
Cash Trap - money belt, good for 2-3, as a red feature it gives bigger cash amounts for 5ish
Hot Warrior - the L.C.D. flashes randomly loads of numbers whatever you stop it on will give you that many knockouts on the cash ladder. As a red feature it gives you an easy shot to get a good win, possibly the jackpot
Dragons Lair - like find the lady feature, find the biggest amount, you can either collect your win or gamble it, if you gamble there is 1 win (bigger) & two with nothing behind them (I go for it but it is your risk). As a red feature the wins are bigger & you should get about 8-9 from it, again you can gamble & might have to if you want 8 or 9
Magic Potion - spins in a win, pathetic & usually a pound!
Cash Quest - offers a win & an amount to be multiplied by, this changes & you should get a fairly good win from it but rarely big. No idea what the red does, I assume you can win more (anyone got any idea's)
Treasure Hunter - pick a win feature, you have to choose the best win offered on the cash amounts, as a red it offers more than one cash amount at a time same as Lotta Luck on super pick a win.

When to Play in Temples & Not Annoy the Locals!

Sorry that one was cryptic even for me!, good things to look for are basically anything true skill, nudges, bonuses! ETC. The machine offering the barcode, the nudge code (fairly rare) & any red feature, suggests the machine is happy. If the machine is in a bad mood the gamble won't go far & the machine will not offer you good bonuses. Also look for it not offering you the bonus as it won't spin it in or give it that often. Also the machine likes to kill you on the nudge gamble when you have no gain in winning it when it isn't happy!


Feature's to shoot for = Temple of Treasure (dur) and "Hidden Passage" (Stop stepping reels for jackpot)

Best, and only decent, bar code = 1-3-2 "Big Money"

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