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Stag Night

Stag Night - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

To enter the feature you must complete a 7-stage number trail and then correctly guess once on the Hi/Lo dice.

Nudges are awarded randomly on the normal game. If you cannot nudge in a win try to bring two identicle symbols onto the winline, you may get a "Okey Dokey Roll 'em" message". If this happens just press start and te win will come in!

Every time you land on a +Knockout, +Shots or +Nudges square you can increase the trail by Hi/Lo gambling as many times as you want before collecting te ladder you are on or carrying on up the trail. If you lose the gamble its game over!

The "Taxi" square allows you to select which square you want within about 5 squares either way.

Landing of the "Happy Hour" squares adds one or more letters to the logo. Whe the logo is full you automatically go to the top "Win Streak" type feature.

Win above below/the winline - as on Hot Property Sometimes, a symbol will flash on the reels - if it is held, the other reels spin to match.

Down in one - hold down hold buttons to eliminate reels from the feature.

Hold buttons in respin and number run to stop reels moving.

Use cancel for slow-downs.

On pinball wizard when on the feature you can increase the amounts in the pots by gambling high-low after you moved. i.e.-if you move 11 to +1 nudge then its a good idea to gamble lower and +1 nudge will be added again. This works on all pots but not features. I have found this very useful for getting those extra few knockouts or reel blasts.

In regard to the barcodes - I don't think that there is a barcode as such but any mixed bars on the winline gives a special feature where you have to put in a sequence i.e. 1-2-3 or 3-2-1. Usually good for a fiver!!!

The mystery square on the board activate the bonus, some of whic are good - oters are bad. These are listed below.


Last Orders -

On The House -

Out Of It -

Get A Life -

Top Up -

Happy Hour -

Lose -

Taxi -


Down In One

Happy Hour

Triple Shot

Double Vision

Money Belt

Top Up

Live 'Em Up

Cash Chaser

Winning Streaker

Full Monty



Invincible mode - name changes colour.

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