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SpartaCash - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

Guide by John Sterling

We recently had a game called spartacash appear in our local pub, and after playing for a while it seems a very interesting machine to me.

The machine is a maygay machine with a trail feature when you get 8 or more on the trail. all standard tips work on the machine (3 holds, etc.)

To activate the feature you need to get 8 or more on the trail. Getting 9 adds more cash to your treasure pot on the right hand side of the machine (never more than a couple of coins. Getting 10 will advance you one or two columns up the trail onto a win. Getting 11 will add various items to your hi-lo invincibility meter (more on this later) and your extra life meter (again more on this later)

Listed below are some of the common cheats that work with this machine

3rd Hold - By holding a pair of fruits three games on the trot the third spin will always bring in a matching fruit.

Odd One - When you have a pair of fruits on the line and an unmatching one there is a chance that you will be offered the odd one cheat. Just hold the reel indicated (the one with the odd fruit out) and a three of a kind win will be spun in.

Other Line - If there is a win on the line above or below the win-line there is a chance you will be told to "Hold em all". Soing so will step the reels to that win.

Extra Info by an unknown player...

on stop'n'step on sparter cash if you leave the reel to spin on its own for about 1 min it will soon stop by it self and if you think that machine is in the mood to payout then 80% of the time the jackpot rolls in itself.also the same for 'bankroll' the hidden feature but you get 3 chances this time it takes a while but its worth it. Right this time its a little different the first reel will spin in a green bar '7' but 'DONT' take this choose to spin again now this is were it gets risky . leave the reel to spin and if its in a good mood (which i will tell u later how to tell this for yourself ) it will role in a jackpot if not spin again and you will get 7's again. How to tell if its going to pay out'right when you put a pound in when the reels spin.the numbers you want are '2s,4s for the bonus if these numbers are rolling in on a regular basis giving u the bonus its going to pay however if it rolls in '3s,1s then WALK AWAY NOW because its been done recently and will be empty and you will be going home a poor man ok. you should have no problems with these cheats and they are completley legal i know alot more about this machine but u know the saying a magic man never reveals all. Theres a lot to be learned about this machine but good luck .jay....


The bonuses you can get on the no. 4 on the trail are (watch for the cancel button lighting up to slow the choices down)

Skill - probably the best as you can always take the trail to the top, slow it down with cancel.
Stopper - Slowed down with cancel this can also take you to the top of the trail.
All in view - Obvious really adds all the numbers in view.
Same again - add again whats on winline
Boost - a few steps up the trail
Super boost - Takes you to at least 8 on the trail
Spin a win - Spins in a random win, most ive had is 2.00

Once you get a win you can also start the trail, no initial gamble is required, you can start straight away

If you manage to land on a heart three times then you will get an extra life.

A lot of machines will sometimes be able to go for a feature without giving you anything but with the treasure trail on the right hand side you will always have some money to take. If at any time you land on a cash square on the feature then the treasure trail will fill up to as much as the amount you just landed on. The treasure trail starts off by going up in 20p amount for the first 2 then up in 50ps for the next 7 then in 1 amounts up to the max of 15

There are vaious lose symbols on the trail but the one halfway up on the left hand side you will have horrendous trouble getting past. The machine will often land on here from just about anywhere else on the board. What will happen a lot is the machine will land on the mystery square 5 spaces before the lose and give you bonus cash. You should at this point take the cash trail as will nearly always kill you on the next spin.


Cherry Spinner - A series of Cherry wins will be spun ending in a near miss.

Super Hold - Allows the player to hold any win in view. This includes Red Bars for Hidden Features.

Graphic Cash - A single lamp will illuminate on the cash ladder and animate rapidly up and down. Use your skill to stop the lamp as high as possible.

Stop 'N' Step - The center reel will spin and you will be allowed to stop the reel in the best position you can. The other two reels will then step down to make a three of a kind win. If you stop the reel on a Bar then there is a chance that the win stepped to will be a mixed bar win.

Nudge Spinner - All three reels will spin off to a random position where you will be offered from 1 to 4 nudges. If collected those nudges will be used to nudge in the best win possible. This can include Red Bars for Hidden Features. By holding any of the hold buttons on the bottom glass you can stop the corresponding reel from spinning thereby increasing your chances of bringing higher wins closer to the win line.

Pick A Win - A series of wins will be spun onto the winline. When the win that you think will be the highest is spun, press the start button to collect that win. The Red Bars for Hidden Features can sometimes be offered so watch carefully.

Cash Drop - A number of lamps will drop down the Cash pot. When you beleive the most coins to be lit, pressing start will stop and pay all lit coins.

11th Heaven - The hilo reel will spin off and you will be offered a skill stop on that reel. Upon stopping the reel, a lamp will step up the award card the number of positions corresponding to the number on the reel. If you stop the reel on a twelve the lamp will step off the top of the award card back down to the bottom. Be warned. By holding the cancel button down you may slow the reel to a speed that will be significantly easier to hit.

Cash Attack - All three reels line up to Jackpot and the spin off. Using the start button you can skill stop the reels on a win which will then be payed the win. You will the be offered a chance of stepping and paying the next win. This will continue untill this chance is failed.

Nudge Timer - You will be given 10 seconds to nudge the reels to acheive the highest win. The speed of the reels will give you about 38 nudges, normally enough to acheive Jackpot. Be warned though if you nudge in a lower win first, that will be payed and the feature will end.

Greek Streak - A snake of lamps will climb the feature board landing on a cash award. This award will be spun in and payed to the bank whereupon a repeat chance will be offered. This feature will pay an amount equal to a Jackpot or number of Jackpots.


On the reels you will notice that certain symbols have a horizontal Red Bar running behind them. If you manage to get three Red Bars on the winline you will be awarded Hidden Features.

It is possible to get Red Bars from a couple of features but mainly from manual nudges.

HI-LO Cash - The cherry award will be payed to the bank and you will then have to hi-lo up the awards, each successfull gamble paying the next award to the bank.

Hyper Viper - The first collumn of coins in the cashpot will fill and empty. You must stop it when the collumn is full. If you manage this the next collumn will then animate. This will continue until all three collumns are full or you miss. At this point all the lit coins will be payed to the bank.

Bank Roll - The first reel will spin and you have to skill stop it. Whatever you stop it on will be offered as a three of a kind win, or you will be offered the chance to spin the next reel. Whatever you stop the third reel on will automatically be matched and paid. If any of the reels has a desirable fruit above the win-line then when you choose to spin that reel simply hold the corresponding hold button down first and that reel will step just one symbol.

Cash Lines - Three collumns of lit coins will animate randomly up and down the cashpot. You must stop them when you think the most money is lit.

Win Series - A win will be spinned in and payed where upon you will be offered a repeat chance. If successfull another win will be spun in. This will continue untill you fail the repeat chance.

Take 5 - You will be awarded 5 knockouts on the cash collumn. All the cash awards will flash and pressing the start button will use a knockout and highlight an award. If you choose to accept this award it will be payed to the bank. If not then the awards will start flashing again excluding the award that you turned down. As you continue to knockout awards they will dissappear and you will only be offered a remaining award on your next knockout.

Lucky Ladders - The three collumns on the feature board will animate randomly up and down and will stop when the start button is pressed. You will then be asked to select the collumn that you wish to collect.


It is possible to obtain a feature called Let 'em spin. This is where you have two of the same fruit on the win line. You have to have two cherries or bar's (can be mixed bars) on the win line to have a chance of doing so. This is helpful when offered nudges and there is no immediate win or bonus on offer. You can nudge down two cherries or bar's onto the win line and stand a chance of either winning that amount or carrying on, on the main board (The bar's or cherries don't have to be next to each other they can be in pos. 1&2, 2&3 or 1&3). If when you nudge down the fruits it says let 'em spin it will offer a hold option where you can hold any of the three fruits do not hold any of them just press start. This will then spin in all three of them and will put you on the main board where you can either accept the corresponding amount or play on the board. Beware this dosen't happen all the time so don't esspecially play for it. It is just useful if there is nothing else to go for. I have never had Let 'em spin on any other fruit apart from the two mentioned above.


When ever you hi-lo gamble successfully you will be awarded an extra stage on your Hero Meter. If you build the Hero Meter up to six you will become invincible and cannot lose. Simply progress on up to Greek Streak and collect your reward.

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