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Revolver Machine THE GAME

Revolver is a multi-stake game with Hi Lo feature.

Fill the trail or obtain a reel win to enter the cash gamble ladder. Gamble Hi/Lo on 3 reels to fill the Cash, Nudges and Winspins pots.

Gamble up the cash ladder to a lit "Feature Exchange" point to be offered a feature. If you reject this offer, the feature will be turned red for next time around, when you might get some big wins !

Don't forget that you can use your bonus nudges from the Hi/Lo bonus to nudge in numbers on to the centre winline to add to your Cash Ladder, or more fruit wins to boost the current level of your Cash Ladder.

Watch out for Red Bars behind fruit symbols. When a 3-Bar win is obtained, you are offered a dapple in the feature pot.

There are more than one way to get Big Money - remember the name fill !


Big Blaster - 1 Reel Blast and a repeat chance(s) are awarded.

Ready,Aim,Fire - Skill Stop on the cash ladder.

Target Practice - Alpha skill stop, with hits adding to cash ladder.

Big Money - Awards the Big Money feature.

Double Barreled - Gamble on Nudges and Winspins pots...

Six Shooter - Six knockouts on the Cash Ladder are awarded.

Fully Loaded - Win Series feature.

Russian Roulette - Reel Roulette feature.

Sniper - Skill stop on middle reel.

Hot Shot - Dapple on Big Money notes,then Hi/Lo in cash ladder.

Pistol Packin' - Cash Repeater feature.

Line Of Fire - Cash Multiplier-style feature.


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the winline shows a pair of symbols, if a hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a win matching the pair.

Hold After Win - Where there is a win on the payline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold Three Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun is a matching 3 of a kind win.

Hold One Fruit - The player is prompted to hold a fruit on the playine, the reels then spin to a corresponding win.

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