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Red Hot Ibiza

Red Hot Ibiza - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

The feature is started by either completing a vertical or horizontal line of fruits, or by gambling any reel win once on Hi/Lo.

The bellman allows you to slow don certain features and awards you with tricks and cheats. For example, on nudges pressing te "bellman" button will sometimes give you a skill stop allowing you to get maximum nudges.

Once on the feature you move around the board by spinning the dice. There are 3 ladders - Shots, Features and Cash. Landing on squares such as "2 Shots" or "3 Cash" etc. adds to the assiciated ladders.

The skill shot square allows you to select a square on the board by moving slowly around different squares. If you land on the "Wasted" square its game over.



Spaced Out

Cash Repeat Chance - If you collect the cash, you'll get a repeat chance!


Feature repeat Chance - If you collect a feature, you'll get a repeat chance!


Party On - Carry on with the feature!

Get A Life - Extra life, you cannot be thrown off the board!


Bullet Belt -

Mixing It -

Holiday Money -

Pump It Up -

Pick El Win -


Happy Hour -

Largin' It -


This Machine supports barcodes and reverse barcodes.

The Feature Are:

Mad For It

Flip Flop

Mega Mix

Club 18-30



Dont know if this machine has an invincible mode......

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