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Rack Em Up

Rack 'em Up - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

Rack'em Up is basically a trail game, where position 4 has a bonus and position 9 awards you a 1 win.

This game loves to give you the bonus, most of the bonuses are described below.


When you line up 3 coloured balls in the middle, you are awarded a streak. Red Ball streak is a guarenteed 15, Blue Ball streak is at least 7 and Mixed ball streak is a couple of quid tops.


Dapple - Like a knockout on the number trail, can quite often get you onto the feature.
Respin - Spins the reels once, pressing a hold button does not work...
Spin a win


No Lose Gamble
Nice Number


Skill Cash- on LCD either 1 or 2

Money Belt- wins of 2-4 can be expected collect esp. if you have repeat

Step a Win- steps down nearest win usually 3 or below

Spin a Win- often gives 3 but can be less has given blue sevens

Pick a Win- tells you how many goes you have on the LCD and flashes amount on the cash trail usually 3 or 4 but has given 15 + rep even when not streaking

Golden Hold- give you a decent win, usually 5+ can and has given the Jackpot but that's not saying much as we have had it of nudges in normal play

Nudge Shuffle- start to expect big wins of this feature, spins the reels and offers nudges and tells you what you can get, the only time we have ever been offered this feature is during a streak and then it either gives the Jackpot off the first or second spin

Golden goal- Should be 15 + but not always lines the reels up and spins them, when they stop you get a win and then either repeat or not repeat steps the reels down once to the next win often a brilliant feature.


When gambling upto the exchange point, check to see if the balls in the middle have turned red. If they have then when you exchange you can take "Red Ball Streak" straight away (Usually at least 15), or if you prefer you can play around the board - you will land on a red ball every time, But seeing as you can already take the streak I dont see the point in playing around the board!

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