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Public Enemy

Public Enemy - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

The feature is started by either spinning in 3 "Public Enemy" symbols in on the reels, ot by gambling Hi/Lo once on a win.

As you accumalate shots from around the board you can take them at any time. If you do not get a good win from any of your shots you can carry on around the board - you dont ave to take the win from your last shot!

When you ave nudges but dont ave a win, try bringing two matching symbols onto the winline, this machine often gives "Let em Spin".

If you manage to collect 4 policmen you are awarded the "win streak" type feature at the top of the board. If you get this expect anything between 15 and 65!

Magic Nudges - when taken, pressing each reel spins to a matching fruit, giving a win.

Win above the winline

If a shot value without a repeat chance is collected and cancel is held down, the player can turbo gamble the win.

Sometimes when the hilo is entered, a higher win is hinted. If the player gambles up to this point and exchanges into the board, they become invincible.

Various things can be slowed down with the cancel button.


Boost - Boost's you around the feature board, cannot be killed using this...

Eliminator - Takes some of the lower shot values away, can sometimes be quite rewarding!

Extra Life - Take this bonus and you cannot be killed, untill you lose it..

5 Shots - 5 Extra shots on the board!

Skill Stop - Allows you to select any square on the board!


Odds On - The number reel spind really fast, every time to stop it on an odd number you are awarded 1.

Easy Money -

Reel Match -

Cash Run -

Smash n Grab - This is pick a win, usually good for at least 3...

Safe Cracker -

Money Belt - Cash amounts are scrolled accross the display 3 at a time.. Collect the best choice...

Search Light - Skill stop on all the Shot Values (1 to 15), make sure you press cancel!

Nudge Buster -

Jackpot + Repeat - Funilly enough, this is a Jackpot with a repeat chance!


The machine dosent support Reverse Barcodes (1-2-3), just normal ones (3-2-1)

1-2-3 ---> 3 Turbo Gamble

1-3-2 ---> 3 hilo win

2-1-3 ---> 5 hilo win - Always take this - Just beat the gamble and exchange to get a good win!

3-1-2 ---> 4 hilo win


The Invincible mode is shown by the machine name flashing, keep on going for either the Jackpot or the Win Streak feature!

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