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Pot Of Gold

Pot of Gold - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

The aim of the game is to get three "pots of gold" on the winline to start the feature. Te reels have Bronze, Silver and Gold pots. A mixture of these will start you on bronze level, all silver will start you on silver level, and all gold will start you on gold level.

If you hold the pots of gold (mixture or gold, silver or bronze or all bronze), the machine will nearly always give you three holds.

When you reach the top of the trail you are awarded nudges. You can use these nudges to bring down more numbers, thus increasing your nudges.

The aim of the feature game is to get to the pot of gold in the middle. You usually start on bronze level, where your maximum win is about 3. As you progress you may get "Move in" which will take you onto the silver level - good for 5. You may manage to get to the gold level by moving in again, where you sould get at least 8. If you move in again you get the pot of gold which is a win streak - good for a minimum of 15, maybe more if the machine is happy.

When you have 1 nudge and there are no numbers or a win to bring in, check the fruits under the winline and if there is a win or feature exchange within one nudge (upwards) then hold down cancel and 90% of the time it will let you nudge up.


Game Over - Self Explainatry.

Continue - Yes/No continue on the display. Hit Yes to continue!

Boost - Boost's you round the circle.

Stoppa - Flashes lights randomly on the trail, stop it on some nudges!

Pot of Gold - The end feature. This is never given unless you refuse everything else.

Repeat Chance - Gives you a Repeat Chance at whatever you took or a chance to get back on the feature if you got Game Over.

Move In - Moves in to the next level.

Reel Skill - The dice rotates and you have to stop it on a number.

Prize Run - Goes around adding picks/features to the various levels.


Nudges - The win available is shown on te cashladder.

Cash Flash: - Flashes cash amounts on the screen

Pick a Win: - Not Bad. Spins in wins, you pick the one you want. Canj sometimes give 5, usuall come away wit 3.

Super Hold: - The reels will re-spin and you have a few seconds to decide if you want to select the current reels, unless of course if you hold down cancel you can check out the reels forever (N.B. it says 'Chill')

Reel Roulette - The light goes around the reels and you press start and it slows down on to a fruit and you gets that cash value, can be good this feature check the reels first though!

Cash Steppa - Steps wins down onto the winline. Can Repeat.

Fruit Blast - Various wins will be highlighted on the bottom right of the fruitie, you have to select the best one.

Win Series

Bronze Series - Guarenteed 2, could go upto 4.
Silver Series - Usually about a fiver, can go higher.
Gold Series - Usually good for a Tenner.


On some machines the "Pot of Gold" in the middle will flash, on other machines a "sound" will play when you enter the feature and there will be no visual sign (lots of places have the sound turned down - crafty). If either of these happens keep going for the Pot Of Gold!!

If the sound is turned down you can still usually tell if you are in invincible mode. You will be moved in within 2 spins onto the silver level, and moved straight to the gold level within another couple of spins! Even so, you have got to be quite daring to continue right to the "Pot of Gold" because you never know for sure if you are Invincible!

Here is an additional tip from a Player - When this machine makes a sound indicating invincible mode ignore and take lowest win 3 times and then go for pot of gold gauranteed 35 unless you have collected previous wins.

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