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Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard Reel Guide THE GAME

This is a trail game. You need to get eight numbers to get onto the cashladder. You then need to gamble to allow you to exchange for the feature. Never gamble twice as you will probably be killed for being greedy!

If you have nudges but not enough for a win, bring 2 identicle symbols onto the winline. You may get the message "Okey Dokey, Roll 'em"- press the start button for a win.


Numbers in view - Adds the numbers you can see on te reels to the trail.

Double Trail - Adds another 4 to the trail to give you 1.

Random Stop - Flashes randomly on the number trail, press start to stop it. "Cancel Slow this feature). Guarenteed Win.

Nudges - Awards you a random amount of nudges.

Selector - offers you various trails - Take the best one offered.


Bumper fruit - This feature is like a reel blast, not worth taking.

Cashcade - The ligts flash on the money trail. Stop it when their are loads of light near the bottom. You now have 3 chances on eac un-lit amount to advance to the next win. Usually .

Flash Cash - Flashes up and down the cash ladder really quickly, stop it when it goes high! This is true skill but the average win is still only about 2.

Money Belt - Scrolls cash amounts on the display, stop it when you think you have a decent win. Usually only good for about 3.

Fruit Flipper - First reel spins in a fruit, you can eiter match it (bring in 3 of a kind), or mix it (spin a different fruit onto the next reel).

Sharp Shooter - Three cash amounts come on the display - between 2 and 5. They then turn into "---" and start to shuffle around. Hit the corresponding hold button to collect a win. This is quite an easy 5 - harder if youve had a few drinks!

Mega Gamee - This feature gives 5 to 10.

High Score - Gamble Hi-Lo until you lose. Usually good for 10 to 15.

Multiball - This is the end feature. Guarenteed 15, maybe more if the machine is happy.

High Score (top feature) - This is a win series type feature, but unfortunately only pays 4 pounds! Unless you are invincible where you are guarenteed a Jackpot.


When the Pinball Wizard logo turns to red, keep going to the end feature - Multiball. You are now gaurenteed at least 15, although it can pay a lot more if it wants to - and it usually does as the "red modes" dont occur very frequently on this machine.

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