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The super-Imposed numbers on the reels allow you to climb te trail. There is the usual bonus at position 4 (The BFM button sometimes slows this down), once you reach position 9 you become an outlaw (start of feature). If you look the feature continues up towards a feature called Dodge Bank - this is what you want (Big Money!).

There is a second bonus position on the number trail which could give you Extra Features, Cash, Shots or Reel blasts - it could even shoot you up te trail towards the Dodge Bank. Now and again you can be given true skill up to the Dodge Bank from this bonus!

You can also start the feature by getting a win and sucessfully gambling (Hi-Lo) once. The numbers are 1-12.

Nudges are randomly awarded throughout the game (1 to 99).

A nice touch when you are playing the feature game is the nudges. If you are given them you can either bring in more numbers to boost you up the trail - close to Dodge Bank, or you can bring in better symbols to make reel blasts better!


Lose - Caught by the Marshall! - Thrown off the board!

Deputised - You have an Extra Life!

Dead or Alive - Higher or Lower to decide whether you are caught!

Breakout - Activates another trail!

Reward - Randomly boost's your trails!

Jailed - Caught by the Marshall! - Thrown off the board!

Run for the Border - Collect the nearest trail you are on . .


Bullet Belt -

Shoot Out -

Reel Rustler -

Wagon Wheels -

Six Shooter - Flashes cash amounts on the screen, stop it and either take it or try again. You have 6 chances.

Quick Draw - Skill feature on the LCD panel. gets faster as you progress.

Ricochet -

Magnificent 7's -

Bonanza -

Dodge Bank - This is the end feature. You get this when you fill the main game trail. Basically it is a win streak type feature - stop the light on the cash amounts, acumalates each win - Guarenteed 15, could get as much as 75!


This Machine supports barcodes and reverse barcodes.


The Invincible Mode occurs on this machine when the Outlaw logo turns from Yellow to Red! Just Keep Going untill one of the ladders is full for the Jackpot Repeater.

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