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Money Mad Martians

Money Mad Martians Machine THE GAME

Symbols on the payline add to a fruit matrix on the bottom glass. Each complete line awards a nudge, nudges may be gambled and shuffled via a turbo style gamble. Fruit/nudge wins are transferred to the cash ladder, which also utilises a turbo gamble with the addition of seeded bonus positions.


This contains ten positions. When the player completes a line in the fruit matrix they are offered a turbo gamble, this starts by awarding a number of lives (max 3), including the number of loses that will be allowed.


During the Nudge gamble the player is offered a "shuffle", if taken this respins the reels at a cost of one nudge.


At the start of the nudge gamble the player is awarded a number (1-3) lives, each time the player loses a gamble a life is deducted. Lives are also active on the cash ladder.


When the player achieves a reel win they are transferred to the Cash Laddder, a number of "Bonus" positions are then seeded (above and below the current position), at the same time a number of SUPER features are seeded.


Whilst on the cash ladder the player may choose to Shuffle, this offers a new feature at the cost of one cash position. If the new cash position has a lit "Bonus" it is processes and given to the player.


Each time the player moves on the cash trail (up or down) thay are offered a feature (linked to the value on offer). If a feature is rejected (not collected before the next offer) it becomes SUPER.


Money Mad Martians - Random dapple with repeat chance on the current cash stack.

Pick a Note - Pick a win type feature on the current note stack.

Big Money - Awards a random dapple between 5 and 15 with a repeat chance on the win selected.

Money Mutiplier - Changing combinations of cash values and multiplication factors, from this the player must select the best combination possible.

Skill Cash - Horizontally scrolling skill stop on the display. Each successful completion awards a number of coins.

Stop a Note - Random dapple on the current note stack.

Cash Knockouts - Awards a random daplle on the display to select the number of knockouts.

Money Belt - Scrolling values on the display, the player must choose the best combination available.

Cash Climber - 3 shot sclimb on the coin matrix.

Coin Snake - A random length 2snake" of lamps on the standard coin matrix requiring a hit of the start button to stop on the best win.

Win Run - Spin to a series of one or more 1 wins.

Cash Explosion - Coins "Explode" and you win the coins lit.

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