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Maximus Cash

Maximus Cash Machine THE GAME

Maximus Cash is a three-trail to feature game. When any trail is lit on or above position 7/8/9 on the respective trail, the board feature is awarded. The player can travel around the board collecting Cash, Features and Super Knockouts, which can be used at any time. Also, landing on Super Trail positions will add to the Super Trail pot, when this is at 4, the Super Trail is awarded.

Nudges in both the reel and feature game add into the trails for above, on and below winline, so use your nudges wisely.

The Super Trail is no-lose, so keep going to pick up the most awards you can. If you land on a "thumb down" square, you will return to the main board, so you could get back into the Super Trail. See if using a bonus could help.

In the "?" squares - check to see if holding the Take Bonus button is lit - if so, pressing will help you on the dapple.

Don't be afraid to nudge in fruit wins when you are in the board game - the win will increment the cash pot and you can then carry on in the board.

Watch to see if the name turns red when you start the board game. If so, it's a guaranteed jackpot, so maybe consider playing for Big Money rather than filling the Cash or Feature pots...


Cherry Repeat - Cherry win awarded - repeat chance offered.

Roman Around - Reel roulette feature - use your nudges to improve the symbols in view.

Prize Scroll - Fruit wins and cash scroll across the alpha.

Step To Nearest Win - Reels step to nearest win - use nudges to change the win value!

Cash Catcher - Match up the signs and 1,2,3 values.

Money Money Money - Skill stop cash accumulator on the alpha.

Slash The Cash - Find The Pea style feature on the alpha.

Super Hold - Super hold is offered on the current reel positions.

Mix And Match - Reels spin to 3 different fruits, collect or try again (mix).

777 Heaven - Reels step to the best 7's win - use nudges to change the outcome of this feature.

Cash Attraction - more than one value illuminates on the cash ladder.

Win Series - Reels spin to a great combination of wins.

Jackpot + Repeat Chance - The jackpot is awarded, and a repeat is offered.


1-2-3: Triple Treat - three cash amounts rise and fall on the alpha display.

1-3-2: Crazy Reels - reels spin to positions and award 27 way wins.

2-1-3: Spotlight - a lamp dapples around the various award panels on the machine (eg. cash pot, big money awards). Press start to be awarded a win. (Hint: press other machine buttons (like the take feature button) to hold the dapple in a certain area).

2-1-3: Spin 'n' Step - All three reels spin - press Start to stop the reels, which then step to the nearest win.

3-1-2: Money Collector - The word 'COLLECT' is show on alpha, jumbled up, then hidden. The cash ladder is lit at a random position. Select the correct order of the hidden letters to re-spell 'COLLECT'. Be warned - each time you make an incorrect guess, the cash ladder drops one level.

3-2-1: Hide And Seek - Find The Pea-style feature with four wins, one of which is a multiplier.


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the winline shows a pair of symbols, if a hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a win matching the pair.

Hold After Win - Where there is a win on the payline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold Three Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun is a matching 3 of a kind win.

Hold One Fruit - The player is prompted to hold a fruit on the playine, the reels then spin to a corresponding win.

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