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King Kebab

King Kebab Machine THE GAME

Overprinted number on the reels add to an eight position trail into a cash ladder, with a bonus available on position four of the trail. Once on the cash ladder the player is awarded a "turbo" gamble. With a feature exchange available after one gamble.

As the player gambles up the cash ladder various feature exchanges are offered where the center stack, within the feature game can change from downward nudges to blasts, to knockouts or to upward nudges, by changing the colour of the stack. At any point after in hi-lo gamble the player can exchange into the feature.

Within the feature the player is moved around a trail with "plus" positions that add to the current stack, positions whcih change what is currently on offer in the stack, mystery positions etc. Movement around the trail is via a 1-12 numbered reel, with certain numbers having the word "Select" overprinted on them. This allows the player to chose the direction they wish to move in the trail.

If you are lucky enough to reach 10 yellow knockouts it will guarantee to pay 25 Jackpot just keep going until it does.


Between 1 and 5 nudges may be awarded and a one up/down gamble and shuffle (at the cost of one nudge) is always available.

Watch put for the kebab mans eyes if these turn red then you are guarenteed a Jackpot, or more!

When you get the barcode shown on the top left of the machine choose code 3-2-1, its follow me, it starts at the lowest amount and works its way up hold down the 3-2-1 buttons and then keep pressing start , it will then make its way up to the jackpot repeat chance keeping all buttons held down u will win the jackpot if machine is being nice it will repeat ( not very often ) but its a quick twenty five pound.


Boost -

Stopper -

Number in View -

Trail Skill -

1,2,3 Nudges -

Reel Skill -

Added Extra -

Selector -


Roll Even -

Hi-Lo to go -

5 Alive -

Skill Continue -

Continue (yes/no) -

Game Over -


Kebab Boost -

Kebab Selector -

Skill Stop -

Extra Kebab -

Taxi -

King Kebab -

Extra Life -


Each time the player lands on a feature offer position they are offered one of the following features. There are also two panels - Super and Mega. If either of these is lit in conjunction with a feature offer the feature become super or mega respectively.

Take It Away -

Stavros Special -

Hot Dog -

Cockroach Cash -

King Kebab -

Lucky for Some -

Ring of Fire -

Fast Food -

Burnin' Up -

Donnas Delight -


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the payline has two matching symbols, if hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a winning combination.

Hold After Win - Where there ia a win on the playline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold 3 Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun in a matching 3 of a kind win.

MR Barcrest - Used for slowing down some Features and Bonuses.

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