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THE GAME Impulse

Impulse and Red Alert are basically the same machine, but there are some slight differences. This guide is more geared towards Impulse.

The aim of Impulse is to fill up one of the 3 number trails (Features, Cash, Nudges) to start te feature game. When you start the feature game you can gamble higher or lower to advance to the next run on the ladder you are on. At certain points you can excange onto another ladder. When you exchange onto another ladder you are usually given a bonus number, which allows you to change the number you have to gamble higher or lower on.

The best cheat is when you get STEPPA as a bonus. Take a look at the biggest and nearest win and when you choose to step either up or down you can hold the reels. Keep hold of the reels and let the win just drop in. Watch out for the boxed win because this only gives you 1. The best one to go for is the boxed Blue Bars (7 but 10 because boxed) When you get this it will be a certain Jackpot because the number it gives you to gamble will alawys be a 1 or 12.


Reel Suprise - Pick-A-Win. Simply press stop to collect the win shown. Never take this feature! (2 Max).

Pound Run - Give you a pound win with repeat chance. Usually OK for 3.

Impulse Reel Guide Super Hold - Gives you a super hold of the 9 fruits you can see (watch out for the red boxes and boxed fruits that award the next win up unless mixed)

Cash Frenzy - Skill Chance of cash. Goes up and down the cashladder very quickly, try to stop it on a high win. This feature can give a good indication of how the machine is playing.

Payrise - Flashes payrise or spin (goes faster the more you go up) stop on payrise to carry on (impossible after 2.40!)

Rota Note - Similar to Reel Roulette. (Barcrest)

Risk Roulette - This is the same as mix and match.

11th Heaven - The number reel spins around. Stop it on 11 for the Jackpot. (Cancel Slows This Down!)

ShockWave - Lines up all the reels and spins around. Stop them on the 3 bars for the Jackpot! Hold Cancel Down when you collect this feature to slow things down!

Big 50 - Starts you off with 5. Every time you win a hi/lo gamble you another 5. As it's name suggest's you can win upto 50! This can be better than the JACKPOT REPEATER. Consider taking it when offered (even if you are on invincible mode).


When the Impulse logo turns red and fades in an out you can safely gamble on any number (go lower than a 2 and it will give you a 1!) If you can exchange over to te feature ladder consider taking BIG 50 rather than the JACKPOT.


The Hidden Features are awarded when you get 3 red blocks on the winline. These can drop in by themselves, through holding reels, nudging, or bringing them in using super hold.

Big Bucks - High/low cash

Midas Touch - Spins middle reel VERY fast, cancel won't slow it, and you get whatever you stop it on.

Cash shot - The best of the bunch. The word CASH SHOT appears and slowly works it's way from C to T. Hit "T" each time and you make your way up the cash ladder. Speeds up after each succesful hit. If you hold cancel this feature is made slow, so you should be able to get the JACKPOT REPEATER!

Piromania - Similar to Fire ball but on all ladders simultaneously - like on the bonus feature, occasionly you get a choice of which feature you want.

Fire ball - this moves very quickly from the bottom of the feature board and then moves up. If you wait a bit then it will move quickly to the top so take the best option.

Crazy Fruit - which spins in and then gives you the best wins of the 9 fruit matrix you can see, i.e. 3 boxed fruits diagonal and three on the win line etc. It will then give you all these and round them up to the next pound.

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