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It sounds obvius, but you'd be suprised how many people don't think on it. When given simon says feature on Hurricane or any machine, tap the number onto your mobile as it comes up and then just read it off the screen for an easy jackpot. I have seen people get 1.20 on this by having a bad memory and not coming up with the obvious plan.


When playing the bottom game by spinning the reels the trail will build and hold, if the trail hits position 4 at any point then you will be awarded a trail bonus.

Add Again - The numbers currently showing on the win line will be added to your trail position

All in View - All the numbers on symbols currently showing will be added to your trail position.

Boost - Your trail will be increased by a random amount.

Random - A lamp will randomly light further up the trail from position 4 hitting the start button will cause your trail to be boosted to that position. Holding down the Cancel button will slow that scatter down allowing you to pick your entry point.

Respin - The reels will spin off to a new position adding any numbers to your trail or awarding any three of a kind win. Holding the hold buttons will stop the corresponding reel from spinning. If you have enough numbers showing to enter the feature, hold them. If not then it may be worth holding any reels without numbers hoping no more will spin in and offer the bonus again.

Win Spin - A three of a kind win will be spun in and the feature entered.

Super Boost - Similar to Boost however enough numbers to enter the feature will be virtually guaranteed.

Nudge Steppa - You will be offered the chance to step the reels either up or down. The reels will then start stepping in that direction. Any numbers falling on the winline will be added to the appropriate trails. If a win falls on the winline that win will be awarded. The reels will keep stepping until either a win, a complete trail or hidden features are achieved. Holding the hold buttons will stop the corresponding reel from stepping. This can be used to force a win or the hidden features onto the winline. If you hold a reel with a number on it will add that number in for every step. If you hold all three reels any numbers will be added very rapidly. Be warned this cheat is very tricky to use effectively.

Mystery Nudge - You will be given an unlimited number of nudges that will only stop if you complete a trail or achieve and award of hidden features.

Reel Skill - The three reels step down a position at a time offering the player the chance to stop them in the most beneficial position. Stopping the reels with no numbers on the line will offer another bonus.


Money Mania - A series of Cherry wins will be spun ending in a near miss.

Bar Suprise - You will be awarded Red bars, Yellow bars, Green bars or Mixed bars.

Stop 'n' Step - The centre reel will spin and you will be allowed to stop the reel in the best position you can. The other two reels will then step down to make a three of a kind win. If you stop the reel on a Bar then there is a chance that the win stepped to will be a mixed bar win.

Pay Rise - Pay & Rise will flash on the alpha hit rise to go up one place on the cash award. Hit pay and the current award is paid to the bank.

Super Hold - Allows the player to hold any win in view. This includes Red Bars for Hidden Features.

Bank Roll - The first reel will spin and you must use your skill to stop it. Whatever you stop it on will be offered as a three of a kind win, or you will be offered the chance to spin the next reel. Whatever you stop the third reel on will automatically be matched and paid.

Crazy Reels - All three reels spin to a great combination of wins.

Cash Attack - All three reels line up to Jackpot and the spin off. Using the start button you can skill stop the reels on a win which will then be paid the win. You will the be offered a chance of stepping and paying the next win. This will continue until this chance is failed.

11th Heaven - The hi-lo reel will spin off and you will be offered a skill stop on that reel. Upon stopping the reel, a lamp will step up the award card the number of positions corresponding to the number on the reel. If you stop the reel on a twelve the lamp will step off the top of the award card back down to the bottom. Be warned. By holding the cancel button down you may slow the reel to a speed that will be significantly easier to hit.

Jackpot +Repeat - This feature will pay an amount equal to a Jackpot or number of Jackpots.


Strike a Light - A lamp will animate back and forth across the buttons. Every time you successfully hit a lit button the award will climb. The closer to the top the less buttons will light and the faster it will go.

Simon Says - A pattern of 11 steps will be flashed and written on the alpha. This pattern will then disappear and you must reproduce that pattern on the hold button. For every one correct the award will climb. You may press the cancel button once to remind you of the remaining pattern.

Hi-Lo cash - The cherry award will be paid to the bank and you will then have to hi-lo up the awards, each successful gamble paying the next award to the bank.

Whirlwind - The first column of the feature will fill and empty. You must stop it when the column is full. If you manage this then you will have a chance to either collect the position hit or carry on to the next column. This will continue until all three columns are full or you miss. At this point the highest item hit will be awarded.

Twister - All three reels will spin off at a high speed and the hold buttons will flash. By stopping the reels one by one the remaining reels will slow down. When all three reels have been stopped you will be able to use a super hold to gain the best win in the window. If you stop the reels in a position where there is no win in the window you will be given a second chance, but no more.

Fruit Repeater - A cash prize with a repeat chance is awarded.


When the logo flashes, proceed to the Jackpot - you cannot lose!

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