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Hot Property

Hot Property - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

Hot Property is a trail game. You must fill the "Hot Property" word to start the feature.

Win above the winline - if flashed, and all reels held, win steps onto winline. Also works for wins below the winline.

The hilo sometimes hints which way to gamble for a guaranteed win.

The Hells Bells feature (near the bottom of the feature trail) is a guaranteed jackpot!

The Bonuses can be activated when you either spin in the "Bonus Symbol" on the middle reel or when you land on a bonus square on the feature game.

Various things can be slowed down with the cancel button.

Occasionally you will get a skill stop (cancel slow this down). The bonuses you can get on the reel game are also available in the feature game.

Getting the "Hot Property" symbol on the reels has the same effect as reaching the top of the feature trail!

When on the feature you can sometimes hold a win that spins in, dont forget to remember tat te feature game is a normal reel game as well!

If you land on the ? while on the feature. If you are unlucky enough to get "You're Fired" you can play the feature again by pressing the start button before the feature trail light get back to the start. Off you go again up the feature trail.


Add Again - Adds the numbers on the winline onto the trail.

Numbers In View - Adds all the numbers you can see on the reels onto the trail.

Stoppa - Light flash randomly on the hot property trail, press start to boos the trail to whatever the last light was on.

Respin - Respins the reels, keep your finger on any reels you want to keep.

Skill Stop - Skill stop up the trail, cancel slow this down, guarenteed feature.

Boost - Boost the trail, usually not very far!

Nudges - Awards you with a random amount of nudges.

Link Up - 3 shot chance to link up the trail.


Hells Bells - This is the first feature on the board - it is also a guarenteed JACKPOT!!!

Hot Property - This is the end game. You start off with 5 and for every hi/lo gamble you win you get another 5, It is possible to go all the way to 60!


123 bars - if single, double, triple bars appear on the winline in that order and the double bar flashes and is held, then when you press start the reels spin to triple, double single bars (the barcode position).

1st hold button - Cash Climber

2nd hold button - Heat Seeker

3rd hold button - Cash Climber


When the jackpot bug flashes red you're guaranteed a minimum of 15 if you're sensible - ie. don't nudge in a lose on the top game trail and make do sensible guesses on the big money column.

This machine has an invincible mode - if the feature game is entered with the trail red, a jackpot is guaranteed. The trail can turn red during the basic game and if completed like this, the player is invincible.

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