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Homers Meltdown - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

To enter the feature game you must have 3 "Simpsons Charactors" on the winline, or you can excange from a normal win after gambling once.

Go for the Barcode as much as possible. If you get a red board take a small win (1 or 2). It will give you a couple more red boards within a few quid (or even more frequently if it wants to pay), keep turning them down and eventually you will get a normal (yellow) board. When this happens keep going to the Super Jackpot - It should repeat at least once! After a streak (50 to 60) a final barcode will drop in - it is now time to move on.

On the "Turnabout" feature it is possible to get a jackpot guarenteed every time you collect the feature. How???

Well each time you stop the MoesTavern in the window whilst the wheell is spinning you will advance either 1 or 2 places up the cash ladder depending on whether you stop it on the win line or one position either side. Do this until you get to 6 and then leave the machine to its own devices. It will eventually stop on its own with "moestavern" in the window. It will then repeat this on its own until it climbs to the super jackpot. Things to note: This only works on 6. It will take around 2 minutes each time to stop on its own so be patient!!!! Finally for speed make sure when on 4 you stop the moestavern on the winline thus climbing 2 places to 6. This way when u leave it to spin itself each time it will climbe 2 places not 1 getting the jackpot with less waiting.


Fired - Game Over!

Doh - One or more trails are reset to zero.

Payday - A random number of icons are added to various trails and to the Itchy & Scratchy board.

Hi/Lo Gamble - Get it correct on a 1-12 reel and you get to carry on.


Cooling Tower - These squares are in oppsosite corners of the board. When you land on it the squares around it flash one by one in sequence. Press stop when it is on the square you want(cancel slows this down)! Look out for +3 Cash etc!

100% Profit -

Money Belt -

Follow Those Hounds -

Cheat Death - Alternates between "cheat" and "death" on the disply. Hit "cheat" to climb the cash ladder, hit "death" and you are given the amount on the cashladder.

Excellent - 3 shot cash climb up the cash tunnel. Always seems to pay at least the current value of the cash tunnel.

Turnabout - The middle reel spins and you have to hit the hold button to get Moe in view - you advance two cash places for getting him on the pay line and 1 place for getting him immediately above or below. Once you miss, you get whatever you have reached - the reel spins a little faster each time.

Fission Surplus -

Burns Hi/Lo Bonanza - Hi/Lo gamble to add to the cash.. Can pay big (15+), other times it may only allow you to get 5 - doh!

Homers Meltdown - Gives you loads of nudges and only a certain time to use them! Dont take it too slow but be carefula and this will be a JACKPOT!

Super Jackpot - Jackpot with a repeat chance. If it does repeat dont be shocked when it repeats another 2 times - giving 60!


When you get Moes Tavern (The Symbol on the middle reel) you are awarded hidden features. You now need to press the hold buttons in a certain order. These are listed below:

  •  3-2-1 = Win Streak - I always take this feature. It spins in a win, If you hit repeat you get anoter win etc. If you get past 5/6 you could end up winning 30+ !!!.

  •  1-3-2 = Hi/Lo Cash - Gamble higher or lower for more cash!

  •  2-1-3 = Mega Hold - Steps reels up/down 2 steps.

  •  2-3-1 = Cash Repeater - Pick a win with repeat chance.

  •  3-1-2 = Superstop - Fast skillstop on the cash line, cancel won't slow it down.

  •  1-2-3 = Line Up - Steps reels up/down and adds to the cash line when it passes a Simpsons Charactor.


    Left Hold Button - The number reel spins really fast. When you stop it the number adds to the Cash, Features and Nudges trails. Select the trail you want to collect.

    Middle Hold Button - Follow me for 5. The machine flashes a sequence on the hold buttons. Repeat the sequence correctly for 5.

    Right Hold Button - I always press this one! It gives you a win (one of the bars). If you can gamble higher or lower at least once you will be able to exchange for the feature. When you exchange you should find that 10 or the Jackpot is waiting for you on the nudges!


    The Invincible mode is shown when the Homers Meltdown logo turns RED. Proceed around the board for the Super Jackpot!

    As with the Simpsons and the Great Escape, some players still prefer to turn down the RED mode (collect a low win - 2?), in the hope of forcing the streak.

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