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Gold Rush Stampede

ok this is a 3 person machine as most of you know so the first tip to offer which is probably quite obvious, is if someone hits the stampede watch it and dont play your credits!

2 reasons one you will see how much is being paid and if that is the hot slot or not and so u have more credits left to hit it yourself,

when you get the bonus gold rush logo on the middle line theres no point trying to hit it on what you want its like a hi-lo gambler, pre determined, let the machine choose itself sometimes it will hit the stampede others golden nudge or spin, but these arent lesser prizes as both can push the JP in,

when you get nudges if theres no win with the amount of nudges awarded hit auto nudges, sometimes the machine will laugh at you then give you an extra nudge and auto nudge the win in

the 3 hold rule applies to this machine aswell, however on the 3rd hold the machine will laugh at you and drop the win in

there is another trick, when you have nudges and theres a cherry or a diomand (small blue diomand) on the winline always try to nudge them off as best you can, 20-50% of the time the machine will drop a win in for you, its usualy only 1 (mixed cherries) or 2 (red cherries) and on the odd occasion 3 (golden cherries) i have yet to witness it drop a barcrest logo win in of any kind with this trick

another hint is watch the reels carefully, if the golden barcrest logos r appearing alot then a JP is coming but quite a way off, when you get 4 or 5 spins when the gold barcrest logos drop and the machine gives u 3 nudges but it needs 4 to nudge the jackpot in, this is the best time to use auto nudge as it may laugh and award the jackpot same rule applies for mixed barcrests and blue barcrests

another tip is ignore people who bash the hold buttons, it does nothing!

hold repeaters, the machine will give hold repeaters, 8/10 it will be just 1 extra hold but the other 2 times it will give you 3 holds, it very very very rarely gives you 2 hold repeaters

mixed cherries 3 hold trick, to me this is pointless going for, the payout for mixed cherries is 1 and if your on a 30p per play machine you only make 10p i normally ignore these and just spin the reels if the machine wants to give you the 3 mixed cherries it will drop them in if your lucky enough to find a 25p per play machine you can go for it, but it would take 4 of these to be 1 in profit so again to myself pointless

bonuses - the middle bar has a bonus gold rush logo as mentioned above these are...

gold rush stampede - this opens up the big board in front of you, dont bother hammering any buttons or pressing start your wasting your energy let it do it itself just sit back and watch the pounds build up

golden hold - same as a super hold in normal AWP's reels step up and down and you hold what you want

golden spin - will spin in a win, seems to be random but will probably be pre determined

golden nudge - nudges in a win this again is either random or more likely predetermined, it will skip mixed cherries for golden cherries sometimes

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