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Ooh Ahh Dracula Rio (Bingo)

Dracula Rio Machine AWARDS


Each game the player may be awarded between 1 and 3 random nudges.


"Red" and "Blue" DRACULA symbols land on and around the payline, lighting the appropriate coloured symbol on their corresponding position in a 3x3 matrix. The feature is awarded when the player has 3 symbols lit, (27 way feature entry).

The feature consists of a series of winnning reel spins. The value of which depends on the colour sombination of the 27-way-matrix, which will be mixed, blue or red.


If the player selects this button during nudges, the reels will be nudges to the most advantagous position. If the button is selected at the start of a game then any credit is played off automatically to best advantage. The autoplay is interrupted when a feature is awarded.


HOLD AFTER NUDGE - When losing nudges result in a pair (fruit or feature) and a hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a win matching the pair.

HOLD THREE TIMES - Three consecutive holds on a pair result in the odd reel spinning to complete the win.

HOLD AFTER WIN - When there is a win on the payline, reel hold may be offered, in order to repeat the win.

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