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Ooh Ahh Dracula


Dracula Basically, Dracula is a trail game. When you reach four on the number Dracula trail there is a bonus, and you start the feature at number nine. The trail does go up to twelve - position 10 gives you a bonus, position 11 give you extra money and position 12 gives you an extra life.



Reaching number four on the trail activates a bonus. Cancel can sometimes slow these down.

Hi-Lo Trail - Gamble higher or lower to advance up the number trail. You cannot lose on your fisrt gamble, so use it to your advantage!

Nudges - Awards the player with a random amount of nudges. Usually one less than you need!

Trail Skill - Skill stop up the trail. Not too fast so you should be guarenteed a feature.

Selector - Flashes up various trails. Stop it on the one you want. Nearly always goes at least as high as extra life....

Super Hold - Steps the reels one up / one down. Press the hold buttons to stop the reels on a win, or numbers.

Stopper - Random stop.

Reel Guide Hi Lo Climber - Hi Lo gamble for nudges, keep going until you lose, when it awards won nudges.

Pick a Win - Self Explanatory.

Step to nearest win - Self Explanatory

These are the bonuses on the feature board

Boost - Shoots you off around the board - I've never seen it land on a 'bad' square.

Add Again - Add the value of that square again, ideal if you are on +3 Cash!

Taxi - Use cancel to slow down, moves about 8 squares up and down from your starting point. - Probably the best bonus.

Skill Stop - Spin round the board at speed, cancel doesn't work, Taxi is better.

Super Bonus - You land on 3-4 different squares, collecting as you go.

Super Jackpot - Hmmm


  • On the "Hi-Lo Gamble" bonus you cannot lose the first time, which means you could go lower than a 2 or higher then an eleven and still win!

  • You can not lose the gambles on the bottom feature squares. So if you collect a feature like Win Spin, gamble as you can not lose, for Money Belt then collect as it can offer a maximum of 5.


    Win Spin - Spins a win on the winline. You may get 1 - Not worth taking! Instead I would gamble this feature as you cannot lose the gamble to the next feature up the ladder!

    Money Belt - Worth about 3.00 to 4.00.

    Step To Nearest Win - Brings in the nearest win available on the reels. Can sometimes be wort taking. Try to use bonus nudges to make this a better win.

    Reel Roulette - Lamps light up in circular sequence on reels, press start to begin slow down sequence. Only take if good amounts are on view. It spins in two other symbols the same.

    Pick a Win - The reels spin in a win, you can either collect it or wait for another (hopefully better) win to come in. Usually offers around four different wins. 3 Usually.

    Seventh Heaven - Spins in the sevens. These could be mixed, so dont expect to get a lot of cash off this feature.

    Golden Hold - Reels move up and down 2 positions.

    Super Money Belt - This is the same as Money Belt but all of the figures shown should be above 1. Usually good for at least a fiver!

    Crazy Cash - Win Streak type feature.

    Super Jackpot - Jackpot + Repeat


    This machine does not support barcodes......


    There is now another feature that awards you money. It can be obtained by lighting up all of the fruits above the winline - Nudges are a great help. When the matrix is activated and you are on the feature the cash goes up by 20P everytime you press start. Amounts like 4.20 are good to take because they are rounded up to 5. If you get too greedy you will be killed off!


    Invincibilty happens when the dracula logo fades in and out. Keep going all the way for the Jackpot with a repeat chance. It is not unusual to get a couple of "Red Modes" in a row!

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