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Crazy Casino

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This machine is basically the same as "Crazy Fruits" and "Cash n Fruit"

I have a liking to this machine, and know several things about it u have not posted, firstly, the machien Does support a barcode it has the choise of happy hour (a certain amount of time to select the highest wi nthat illuminates) and others, and ivinsibility mode is also indicated when the words "Mad For It" flash on the display,


When you get the grape with the bonus on it, on the centre reel you'll get the usual bonuses flashing on the display (stoppa, selector, skill stop, respin). If you get a stoppa, selector, or skill stop you are usually guaranteed to get up on the feature because if you hold down cancel it slows down so that even a small blind monkey could do it if the machine isn't in a bad mood. If you stop the bonus on a respin try holding down the bonus reel and any other reels with numbers on, this should just add them again and give you another bonus. If you stop the bonus on bingo, you could be in for a decent win. When you get the bingo bonus the bingo card in the bottom right of the machine starts flashing the numbers randomly, so all you have to do is keep stopping them until you get a horizontal line or four corners, but you can cheat on this and use cancel to slow it down so you can dictate the numbers you get. The best way to get some decent money is to get all either the top or bottom line except for one, then get three of the corners so that the last number that you get, will give you the line, and the 4 corners at the same time making whatever feature you get 'super' which gives the jackpot more or less.

Some of the features on this machine are quite good but it's the same old story the higher up you get the more money you get. The cash column will usually go to about 3 on average but sometimes you can get a bit more if you're willing to hold out for the big money. The nudges need to be monitored on this machine. Just when you're about to collect something check the nudges to make sure you're not missing out on a big win.



Find The Lady -

Money Belt -

Reel Roulette - Spins around the outer fruits on the reels, stop it on the highest win, not true skill so will usually give you the minimum amount possible...

Double Trouble -

Band Of Gold -

Graphic Cash -

Accumalator -

Hi Roller -



This Machine does not support barcodes.....


The invincible mode on this machine is indicated when the logo turns red.

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