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The Codfather

The Codfather THE GAME

Overprinted numbers on the reels add into an eight position step trail (with a banus on position 4) to a multi level feature game. The feature consists of threee wraparound trails, one above the other. Once in the feature the player moves around the trails collecting reel blasts, nudges, and cash repeaters. The player moves up and down the trails by landing on "Move Up" and "Move Down" positions.

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1-4 Nudges are available in the normal game. When offered, there will always be a one-up/one-down gamble awarded, which will be continued utill a gamble is lost. Nudges may be offered in one of the following ways: Skill, Dapple or Random.


Reel Time - Steps all the reels round together, and the player must stop them by pressing the start button. Any numbers on the payline add into the feature entry trail.

Even Winner - Spins the Hi-Lo reel very fast, which the player must stop. EVEN number advances trail position by 2, stopping on an ODD number terminates the bonus.

Added Extra - Scrolls numbers accross the alpha, the player must pick the best combination.

Trail Shot - The player is given a true, variable skill stop in order to complete the trail.

Step by Step - Steps all the reels down to the nearest numbers and offers the player a chance to step the reels again.

Boost - Advances your position on the trail.

Numbers in View - Adds an number in view onto the trail.

Stoppa - The positions in the trail dapple, the player must select a new trail position.

Hide n Seek - Shows 3 numbers on the display, hides them and shuffles them around. Player chooses one by using the hold buttons and trail will advance by the number of positions you select.

Number Run - Steps the reels down by three positions and adds any numbers on the win line to the trail.

Skill Challenge -Numbers scroll in a taxi-style from the left of the diaply and the player must stop to advance by the highest number shown.


Seven Stepper - Steps reels up or down to nearest sevens win. When super it will not bring in mixed sevens.

Money Multiplier - Cash amounts and multipliers slide accross the display. When Super the values are higher.

Nearest Win - Reels step up or down to the nearest win. When super individual reels can step up or down.

Golden Hold - Reels step up and down by 2 positions. When super the reels step four positions.

Rise n Fall - Rising and falling cash values on the display. When super you get to stop the values twice. The second value is guarenteed to be higher than the 1st.

Reel Roulette -Circles around the fruits in view. When Super scrolls accross the winline only!

Skill Cash -Variable length skill stop on coin matrix, snaking up from the bottom right position. When super you get another go.

Cash Selector - Pick a win on the coin matrix, lighting from the bottom upwards. When Super you get to go again, never selecting below the first offer.

Hi Lo Cash - Accumulative climb up coin matrix with Hi-Lo gamble. When Super the coins rise two levels for each gamble.

Cash Climb - 3 shot climb up the cash matrix. 8 Shot climb up the coin matrix.


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the payline has two matching symbols, if hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a winning combination.

Hold After Win - Where there ia a win on the playline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold 3 Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun in a matching 3 of a kind win.

Hold 1 Fruit - The player is prompted to hold a fruit on the payline, the reels then spin to the corresponding win.

You win Again - Hold all three reels after a collected win, to win again.

Slow Down - Hold down the barcrest button to slow down skill stops and some dapples.

Hint! - Press Mr. Barcrest for a hint on the "Hi-Lo To Go" mystery.

MR Barcrest - Used for slowing down some Features and Bonuses.

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