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Cash Run

Cash Run Machine THE GAME

The game has an eight step trail (bonus on no 4) leading into a cash stack which is then followed by a high low gamble using a mirrored card fan unit. The player can collect seeded jokers whilst climbling up the cash ladder, which can be used either during the gamble to give the player the choice of a new hi lo gamble card, or during the features to gain an upgrade. The features are offered to the player from two feature stacks, situated either side of a stack of notes. One feature ctack increments every tiome the player gambles higher and wins. A note value from the centre stack is offered whenever both features either side of a not have been offered.


Between 1 and 5 nudges may be aewarded via a pseudo dapple with a chance of a slow down, via the cancel button. An up/down gamble and shuffle (at the cost of one nudge) is always available.


Boost - Boosts the player a random nunber of positions on the trail.

Stopper - Random dapple between position 4 and 15.

Trail Skill - Variable lenght skill stop from position 4 on the trail onto the cash ladder.

1,2,3 Nudges - Awards the player with the relevant number of nudges.

Reel Skill - All the reels step around together, the player must stop on the best payline.

Added Extra - Various combinations of two numbers are shown to the player and they must choose what they believe to be the best combination.

Numbers in View - Any numbers in view are added to the trail.

Selector - Offers random positions on both the entry trail and the cash ladder.


Extra Life - The player is allowed to lose one gamble when this is active.

Extra Joker - This adds one or more jokers into the jokers panel.

Next Moves - Shows the player the next few card outcomes.

Boost - The player is boosted in the cash or any of the feature stacks by a number of positions.

Go For It - During this time period the player cannot lose on the Hi/Lo gamble.

HI Card - Places the player on a card with a higher value.

LO Card - Places the player on a card with a lower value.


Win Spin - Spins the reels to a random win, pays it to the bank and terminates the feature.

Fruit Blast - The player is given one reel blast on the fruits in the reel window.

Cash Dash - Various scrolling cash values via the alpha, the player must choose the best win availble.

Cash Link - The cash ladder lights with a number of randomly placed gaps. The player has to climb the cash ladder using a 3 shot gamble whenever he comes accross a gap.

Reel Roulette - The outer symbols in view are lit in a roulette wheel fashion and the symbol the light stops on is awarded to the player.

Graphic Cash - This is a variable lenght true skill stop on the cashladder.

Super Hold - The player is given a number of steps either way on the reels, the player must choose the best win available.

Hi/Lo Notes - The player is given a Hi/Lo climb up the center stack of notes.

Stop A Note - A dapple is offered to the player on the center stack of notes.

Big Money - The player is offered a true skill stop on the cash ladder.

Win Series - A win series run on the reels.

Cash Run - Cash run is the end "streak" feature, and can be won from either 3 inline cash run symbols, climbing the notes of reaching the top of the feature stacks. It operates on the notes via a pseudo dapple. Any value won is counted to the bank before continuing with the dapple. The feature ends when the dapple lands on the semi-secret "stop" position situated under the notes. If the player plays any jokers during the feature, the lower not values will be eliminated from the selection.


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the payline has two matching symbols, if hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a winning combination.

Hold After Win - Where there ia a win on the playline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold 3 Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun in a matching 3 of a kind win.

MR Barcrest - Used for slowing down some Features and Bonuses.

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