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Cash Ahoy

Cash Ahoy - Click To Enlarge THE GAME

When you have all 3 red lines and you hit hi roller just hold down the cancel button and the jackpot rolls straight in!


When playing the bottom game by spinning the reels the trail will build and hold, if the trail hits position 4 at any point then you will be awarded a trail bonus.

Add Again - The numbers currently showing on the win line will be added to your trail position

All in View - All the numbers on symbols currently showing will be added to your trail position.

Boost - Your trail will be increased by a random amount.

Stoppa - A lamp will randomly light further up the trail from position 4 hitting the start button will cause your trail to be boosted to that position. Holding down the Cancel button will slow that scatter down allowing you to pick your entry point.

Respin - The reels will spin off to a new position adding any numbers to your trail or awarding any three of a kind win. Holding the hold buttons will stop the corresponding reel from spinning. If you have enough numbers showing to enter the feature, hold them. If not then it may be worth holding any reels without numbers hoping no more will spin in and offer the bonus again.

Win Spin - A three of a kind win will be spun in and the feature entered.

Super Boost - Similar to Boost however enough numbers to enter the feature will be virtually guaranteed.

Reel Skill - The three reels step down a position at a time offering the player the chance to stop them in the most beneficial position. Stopping the reels with no numbers on the line will offer another bonus.


Cherry Spinner - A series of Cherry wins will be spun ending in a near miss.

Super Hold - Allows the player to hold any win in view. This includes Red Bars for Hidden Features.

Frantic Fruits - A lamp will scatter randomly across the reels. Hitting the Start button will stop the light and match the lit fruit to pay a three of a kind win. Hold any two of the hold buttons to eliminate the corresponding reels.

Pick a Win - A series of wins will be spun onto the winline. When the win that you think will be the highest is spun, press the start button to collect that win. The Red Bars for Hidden Features can sometimes be offered so watch carefully.

Graphic Cash - A single lamp will illuminate on the cash ladder and animate rapidly up and down. Use your skill to stop the lamp as high as possible.

Money Magic -

Nudge Timer - You will be given 10 seconds to nudge the reels to achieve the highest win. The speed of the reels will give you about 38 nudges, normally enough to achieve Jackpot. Be warned though if you nudge in a lower win first, that will be paid and the feature will end.

Bank Roll - You will be offered a skill shot on the first spinning reel. Whatever you stop it on will be offered as a three of a kind win. Alternatively, you will be offered the chance to spin the next reel and try again. The third reel is your final chance.

Reel Crazy -

Sacks O' Cash - The first 5 in the Sacks o' Cash pot will be paid and you will then have to Hi-lo gamble your way up, with each successful gamble paying a further 5. Successfully gambling up to the top will earn you 60. No win greater than the Jackpot can be paid in a single credit. Gambles going over the credit break will by law have a maximum of a 50% chance of success.


On the reels you will notice that certain symbols have a horizontal Red Bar running behind them. If you manage to get three Red Bars on the winline you will be awarded Hidden Features.

It is possible to get Red Bars from a couple of features but mainly from manual nudges.

HI-LO Cash - The cherry award will be paid to the bank and you will then have to hi-lo up the awards, each successful gamble paying the next award to the bank.

Hi Roller - All three reels line up to Jackpot and the spin off. Using the start button you can skill stop the reels on a win which will then be paid the win.

Mix 'n' Match - The first reel will be spun to a fruit. You can then choose to match that fruit and be paid a three of a kind win or risk spinning the next reel to get a better fruit. The third reel will automatically match and pay the win.

Plasma Skill - The words PLASMA-SKILL will appear and disappear on the alpha. For every successful press of the start button when all the text is visible will climb an award on the cash column. A miss or reaching the top will finish the feature and pay where ever you reached. Holding the Cancel button will slow the rate of the animation, making it easier to get the Jackpot.

Cash Shuffle - Three cash values will be displayed on the alphanumeric display. These will then shrink and be shuffled. Keep your eye on the highest award and when they have finished moving press the corresponding hold button to the position you think it finished.

Hit the Top - The Hi-lo reel will start spinning and you must hit the highest number that you can (12). for every number on the reel it will step up the cash column.


The machine will do an invincible mode by going red at the top on the logo, this will then no-lose hi/lo to the sacks o cash

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