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Fruit Machine Index, Hints, Tips, Cheats , Games - NO emptiers.

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Okey Dokey Roll 'Em - After Bringing two identical symbols down onto the winline using nudges, it will say "Okey Dokey Roll 'em" about 70% of the time. (If it dosent then DO NOT PLAY THE MACHINE!) Press start, without holding anything, and the win will spin in!

Nudges on the Feature - When on the feature you are give chances to nudge the reels. When you are given nudges look at the reels to either see if you can bring in a win or to see if you can add more fruits to the fruit line. When the fruitline is full you are given Jackpot! (The fruitline is located just above te reels).


Fruit Stopper - Flashes fruits on the reels. Similar to ONE reelblast!

Bar Stepper - This can be an extremely good feature. Every time you are offered it look to see if there are three of the same bars above the winline, usually single yellow bars. If they are the first bars available take the feature. It will bring the bars down onto the winline for a nice win!

Money Belt - Scrolls cas amounts on the display. Stop it to win all amounts shown. Usually good for a least 3.

Mix n Match - Spin a symbol onto the first reel. You can Match it (gives you the other two symbols) or mix it, this gives you another chance by spinning the next reel. You can then either mix it or match it.

CashCade -

Carousel -


This Machine does not have an invincible mode.

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