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Cash Attack / Up Up & Away

Cash Attack Machine TOP TIP - If you get the bonus (3 horse shoes) and are given a few nudges, have a look to see if you can bring down more nudges or horse shoes. If you can keep on doing this you will eventually bring the JACKPOT around the reels for an easy 15 - Practice makes perfect! Of course the machine will not always allow you to do this, but when the machine isnt in a bad mood it is a very fast method of winning some cash!


Selector - This is the best bonus. It will offer you a certain amount of nudges, if you dont collect them the machine will offer you a different number of nudges. Try to get the most you can!

Hi/Lo Nudges - Gamble higher or lower for more nudges. You will sometimes be given bonus amunition which sould allow you to get enough nudges for a win. (If not try the Top Tip!). Up Up and Away

Respin - Respins the reels. It is possible (but unlikely) that a win may spin in.

Stepper - Nudges down the win and awards you with nudges everytime it passes some. It keeps doing this untill you have a win!

Nudges - The machine give you a random amount of nudges. Usually one less than you need!


Cash Dash -

Cash Shot - Cash Shot is a skill sptop on the trail. Every time you stop a full trail you are awarded the next win on the cash ladder.

Cash Climber - You are given three shots on each win on the cash ladder. This feature is not true skill. Reel Guide

Cash Stopper - This is a true skill shot up and down the cash ladder. Expect to stop it on about 4, although it will sometimes give more!

Stop 'N Step - The machine aligns all the reels and stops on a win. If you get a repeat the next win will drop in. Expect to collect at least 10, and upto 20!

Pick A Win - You are offered wins on the reels. Select the best one you see, (stops automatically after about 5 choices).

Reel Roulette - The symbols on the outer reels light up in sequence, going quite quickly. Press stop to select a win. This feature is NOT true skill.

Win Spins - The machine will offer you a certain amount of "Win Spins". When you collect them you are awarded the amount of wins you collected. Usually OK for 3/4.

Hi/Lo Lottery - The machine spins the number reel, you ave got to try and stop it on the highest number you can. The number you stop it on decides how many times the machine counts up the cash ladder. TIP. You can see where the 10, 11, and 12 are because tese numbers are "wider" than the rest. Using this tip should mean that you always stop at least a number 10! This feature also repeats!

Reel Match - The first reel will spin extremely fast, you press the old button to stop it on a win. The win is then nudged in. This feature is True Skill, whic means with some practice you should be able to get the Jackpot!

Reel Skill - All the wins line up on the reels and step down one at a time, really slowly. Guarenteed Jackpot!

Super Repeater - Spins in a win with repeat chance! (4+) Can and does give the Jackpot. Usually repeats at least once!


This Machine does not have an Invincible Mode

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