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Camelot Reel Guide Top Tip - If you get onto the feature and have 4 nudges with no win available, Collect Them! (using the collect button near to the cancel button, not the nudges button) You will be given 99 Nudges - Jackpot Repeater!

The aim of the game is to fill up the "Camelot" number trail. When this is full you enter the feature...OOH Camelot! The middle reel has a bonus on it, which can award you the feature. When you have the Bonus be sure to keep you finger on the middle hold button and any other hold buttons with numbers on, because if you get respin it will not move.


Reel Magic - When taking this feature look at the reels. The fruit on the reels flash randomly. Using the hold button under a reel stops the fruit on that reel from flashing. It is best to hold 2 reels and select a fruit from the remaining reel (although there will usually be a cherry there).

Spell Bound - Spell Bound keeps zooming from between 1 and the Jackpot extremely quickly. This feature is meant to be true skill! Usually good for at least 2, maybe even Jackpot! Camelot Machine - Click To Enlarge

Knight Time - The reels spin and you are awarded 1 to 4 nudges. You can either collect them or wait for the reels to spin again. Can sometimes be a good feature!

Lance The Lot - Cancel slows this down.

Excaliber -

Holy Grail -

The Round Table - This is the end game of the feature board. You get onto the Round Table by collecting 3 gold keys on the normal feature game. Once in the round table you are guarenteed 15 - or if you are lucky you could even get 60!


When the Camelot logo turns from yellow to red just keep pressing start untill one of the ladders fills up for the JACKPOT REPEATER!, or you are given all three Keys for the Round Table!

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