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Big Brother

Big Brother Machine THE GAME

There are two inovations with this game:-

Reel Game: this features a "Big brother Hint" which tells the player about an event that is going to happen in the next game, e.g. One Nudge Next, Hold All etc.

Feature Game: this features five knockout areas with progressively increasing prizes on offer. The player moves around the wraparound feature trail, using knockouts and trying to collect some more, and at the same time trying to gain access to the more advantageous knockout zones. The feature terminates when the player is evicted from the board, or collects a win.


After each spin of the reels there is a chance of being awarded between 1 and 4 nudges. This may be via a dapple, a true skill chance, or merely being presented with a random amount of nudges.


This is used at the start of a game to announce a bonus that is awarded to the player after the reels have spun.

1 to 3 Nudges Next - after the reels have spun, the player is offered nudges.

Skill Nudges - this offers the player a True Skill stop on the nudge panels after the reels have spun.

Each Way Nudges Next - this offers the player each way nudges in the next game.

Feature Entry - this guarentees 3 feature entry overprints to land on the winline.

Guarenteed Win - the player is prompted to hold a fruit on the winline, the reels then spin to match the win.

Super Hold Next - this steps the reels up and down one position, the player must stop the best combination.

Feature Bonus - this offers the player a bonus on the feature entry trail.

Seven Stepper - the reels step up or down to the nearest seven's win.

Reel Stepper - the reels step down to the nearest win.

Let 'Em Spin - the player is prompted to let the reels spin, a 3 of a kind win is then spun in.

Numbers in View - adds any nunbers in view to the feature entry trail.

Hold All - the player is prompted to hold all the reels, a win is then nudges in.

Reel Nudger - The reels spin and come to a halt, the reels then step around together and the player must stop them. A number of nudges are then awarded.


There are 3 ways of entering the feature:-

1) - Gaining a reel win and winning at least one HI/LO gamble to exchange into the feature.

2) - Completing the 8 position feature entry trail leading into the Multilevel start.

3) - Getting 3 numbered overprints on to the payline, which advances the trail by the total numbers showing, or to trail position 9 - whichever is greater.


Only a Gameshow - Offers the player a number of feature entry points.

Number Challenge - Alpha displays (e.g.) +6 +2 +3. These are then shuffled around, the player must then press the relevant hold button to reveal the number.

Follow Me - The hold buttons flash in a sequence of 8. The player must repeat the sequence, one trail position is added for every correct guess.

Added Extra - X plus Y scrolling the alpha, the player advances by total number.

Skill Shot - Skill stop on the feature entry trail.

Reel Stepper - Steps all the reels around together, the player must stop them on the best combination.

Boost - Boost's the player to a random position further up the trail.

All in View - Adds any numbers in view to the trail.

Stoppa - Dapple's about the feature entry trail, stop the best one!

Selector - Offers the player a number of improved postions on the trail.


Extra Room - Activates an extra room, upto the 5th level.

+x Shot - Awards X number of shot to use on any active room.

+x Nudge - Awards X number of nudges, which are added to the pot.

Keep Fit - Taxi style skillstop on the wraparound trail.

Visit Big Brother - Mystery position.

Evicted - The game is terminated.

Go for a Run - True Skill Stop around the wraparound trail.


Jackpot + Rpt - Awards a Jackpot + repeat chance.

Go for a Run - Awards true skill stop around the trail.

Extra Room - Activates the next highest knockout zone.

Keep Fit - Taxi style skillstop on the wraparound trail.

Move Back 3 - Moves back 3 positions and processes the new square.


Suprise Party - Equivalent to trail run, whizzing around the trail and awarding goodies.

Reward - Advance the trail to a +Shots or +Nudges position.

Set a Challenge - Awards one of 3 challenges.

Extra Room - This activates another room.

Extra Life - Awards the player an extra life.

Stroll Around - Slow true skill stop on the Hi/Lo reel.

Evicted - The game is terminated.

Viewers Vote -

Hi Lo Vote - The player must guess correctly on a Hi/Lo gamble to continue.

Odd Man Out - The Hi/Lo reel spins, the player must skill stop the reel on an even number to continue with the game.


In the Money - Big, big win series on the reels.

Top Four - Picks one of the top four awards and offers a repeat chance.

Sizzling Sevens - Steps to a sevens win and offers a reapeat.

Good Times - Money Multiplier.

Extra Room - Activates and extra room.

Reel Magic - Dapple on fruits in vies, slowdown with Mr. Barcrest.

Two in a Bed - Pick a prize using two award values.

Bar Repeater - Spins a bar win and offers a repeat chance.

Extra Room - Activates and extra room.

Hot Shot - Three shot climb up the award ladder.

Nearest Win - Steps down to the nearest win.

6 Reel Blasts - The player is given 6 reel blasts.

Extra Room - Activates and extra room.

Pick a Prize - Pick a win feature.

4 Reel Blasts - The player is given 4 reel blasts.

Seven Stepper - Step up or down to the nearest 7's win.

Extra Room - Activates and extra room.

Rise and Fall - Rising and Falling cash values on the alpha, must stop best win.

2 Reel Blasts - The player is given 2 reel blasts.

Fruit Run - Awards a win series on the oranges on the reels.


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the payline has two matching symbols, if hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a winning combination.

Hold After Win - Where there ia a win on the playline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold 3 Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun in a matching 3 of a kind win.

MR Barcrest - Used for slowing down some Features and Bonuses.

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