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Arabian Nights Red Hot Knights

Arabian Nights THE GAME

To get on the board, one must roll in, or nudge in 3 magic lamps. The good thing about this machine, is that the lamps do not have to be on the win line. They can be any where in the viewable windows (containing 9 fruits). It is better to have the lamps above the winline if possible - but this I'll explain later.

Anyway, the three holds and in (indicated by the flashing barcrest symbol), is active on this machine. However, I have found that it mostly works on small wins, wuch as the pound symbols, and the mixed 7's. Once in on the feature, which is a board, your aim is to add to either features or cash, by circulating a rectangular board.


1, 2, 3 Bonus Nudges - Now, the aim here is to nudge the lamps onto the winline. If you get three lamps all on the winline, then you are in on the super feature. This is a high low job, but can be bypassed for a roll on the feature board in hope of a better number. You can then return to the super feature at anytime, by simply pressing hi or lo.

1,2,3 Cash - speaks for itself

1,2,3 Features - again as labelled and the Question mark "?"

The Question Mark contains the following choices...but is very rarely true skill:

Game Over/Lose - drop out of the feature board

Continue - Flashes Yes/No - Very rarely true skill

Extra Lamp - This adds an extra lamp to contribute to the super feature

The Super feature contains Feature knockouts on one side, cash knockouts on the other, and then 2,3,5,10,15 quid repeaters in the middle respectively. What some people may or may not know is that, if you are on the super feature already, and you dont like the number, you can press start and go round the board for a better number. If you get either bonus nudges, or skill stop, then nudging in another lamp onto the winline, will spin you in a 'New Number'. This, I have found is always either 1,2 or 11,12. This helps for the super feature on your high low gambles.


Pound Run - This spins in 3 pound symbols until it feels like stopping normally good for 1-3 quid

3 Wise Men - This is money belt

Step to nearest win - This is exactly as it says, but if you use the bonus nudges wisely, this can be very lucrative

Reel Roulette - A light goes round the outside of the 8 fruits, and stops on something it feels like. This also can be maximised by use of the bonus nudges to nudge out pound and cherry symbols

Nudge Spinner - Those of you who've played Camelot will recognise this as Knight-time - This is where it rolls in some fruits, and then gives you 1-4 nudges to nudge in a win. Your current win is lit up, so its easy to know what you can get. The cash out depends on the machine - no skill. Holding the reel does not stop a fruit from spinning unfortunately

7th Heaven - This will ask to step up, or step down. You can maximise this by nudging the 7's apart on the win line. For example, if had blue/red/blue, you could nudge down the red, and then take the feature. One would then step down for 8 quid. The other way round would be reds for 10 quid.

Knockout Skill - This displays ascending numbers on the display, and the idea is to stop it on a high number for that amount of knockouts on cash and features simultaneously.

Hi Cash - This will just select a highish cash amount from the ladder. This is entirely random, but is usually over 6 quid.

Spin Series - This will spin in wins, and will add them up. If the machine is feeling good you could get 14-15 quid. If not you'll get around 8-13.

Jackpot Repeater - as described. Repeat is predetermined (as all machines) so its not really true skill (unless of course the barcrest geezer> flashes)


This machine does have one, which is shown by the logo "flickering". You can then proceed to the JP repeater.

There is an invincible mode on Arabian Nights, which i am sure you do already know of. The logo does flash and the word 'shizam' is spoken in a genie likle voice. Also its best to have a plan with this machine, either go for 'cash climb' and collect it, or chase for best feature (often substancially more than jackpot) and then play it again to hear for the shizam after getting best feature. If it does then the machine is rocketing...keep playing it until you no longer get a 'shizam' b4 feature and play starts to get 'cold'.

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