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Austin Powers

Austin Powers Machine THE GAME

Overprinted numbers on the reels add into an 8-step trail in to a cash ladder, with a bonus available on position 4 of the trail. Once in the cash ladder the player is awarded a "trubo" gamble. With a feature exchange available after one gamble. As the player gambles up the cash ladder various feature exchanges are offered where the lava lamp stack can change from downward nudges to blasts, to knockouts or to upward nudges, by changing the colour of the stack. At any point the player can exchange into the feature game, here they move around the trail adding to the current stack. Available around the trail are positions that change what is currently on offer in the stack. Movement around the trail is via a 1 - 12 number reel, varioud number on the reel have a select option, which allows the player to choose their direction around the trail.

TOP Info!

Between 1 and 5 nudges may be offered via a dapple with a chance of a slow down, and an up/down gamble and shuffle (at the cost of one nudge) is always available.

If you are on the board and have the choice of a barcode, take it. When prompted to enter a code type 3-2-1. Then with on e hand hold down all three reel buttons. With your other hand press start. The bandit will work its way up to the jackpot.

The “no lose feature” is identified by the flashing “Austin Powers” words at the top of the machine and the “lady” to the right of the reels also flash – you cannot lose whatever you spin so use this to work up to Jackpot.




Numbers in View

Trail Skill

1,2,3 Nudges

Added Extra



Roll Even -

HiLo to go -

5 Alive -

Skill COntinue -

Contine Yes/No -

Game Over -


Lava Boost -

Lava Selector -

Skill Stop -

Extra Icon -

Taxi -

Austin Powers -

Extra Life -


Each time thre player lands on one of these postions they are awarded a feature. There are two panels - Super and Mega. If wither of these are lit in conjunction with a feature offer the feature becomes super or mega.

The Swinger has Landed -

Groovy Baby -

Oh Behave -

Austin Danger Powers -

One Hundred Billion Dollars -

Do I Make You Horny Baby -

Yeah Baby GRRR -

Let The Magic Begin -

Gor Blimey -


Grandma's Gold - The player has to stop, thew hi/lo reel, the number that the player stops the hi/lo reel on, corresponds to the position on the cvash stack. A number 6 would be £3.

2-3-1 - Lurch's Loot - Spins reel A to a symbol, choosing 'Match' spins the other two reels to match reel A, choosing 'Mix' spins reel B to a symbol. Choosing 'Match' spins the other two reels to match reel B, and choosing 'Mix' spins reel C to a symbol, with reels A and B spinning to match it.

It's a Win Thing - The player is awarded two skill stops on the award panel, one up to the initial value then the seconds from the initail value. The win gained from the second skill stop is then awarded to the player.

Unkle Festers Feast - Awards a dapple on the top six cash values on the Cash Ladder.

Wednesday's Dinner - Awards a random dapple on the fruits within the reel window followed with the chance of a repeat.

Pugsly's Prize - Awards a fast skillstop of variable lenght on both the cash and nudge ladder from which the player chooses the one to collect.

Barcode feature: 3 2 1 = “Follow me” – like the old game “Simon” – the hold buttons flash in sequence and you have to then copy the sequence


Hold After Nudge - When nudges do not result in a win but the payline has two matching symbols, if hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a winning combination.

Hold After Win - Where there ia a win on the playline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.

Hold 3 Times - If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun in a matching 3 of a kind win.

Hold 1 Fruit - The player is prompted to hold a fruit on the payline, the reels then spin to the corresponding win.

MR Barcrest - Used for slowing down some Features and Bonuses.

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